Our Taijutsu program is taught by an expert black belt who has trained in the martial arts for 32 years.


Our adult and advanced classes are targeted to provide effective and working self-defense and fighting techniques.  The Taijutsu Academy has trained both professional MMA fighters and those simply seeking a positive work-out environment. Stop by today to see what it’s all about.


Our youth classes are designed so that children are in a positive, athletic environment that stresses respect of oneself and others, problem-solving skills, discipline, and work ethic. We take pride in our youth program for it’s ability to help shape and mold children into the best version of themselves both on and off the matts.


The Japanese word “Taijutsu” translates into English as “unarmed combat” or “skill with the body”.  Taijutsu is a very effective mixed martial arts system consisting of striking skills, takedowns, submissions, joint locks, pressure points and control techniques.  Taijutsu has proven itself time and time again in self defense encounters on the street and in mixed martial arts competitions. 


 Taijutsu offers students the ability to control an unruly subject with a control hold, or to utilize powerful striking techniques against an attack, even to gun & knife disarms.  Taijutsu is an excellent martial art for students ranging from security/law enforcement/military personnel, to citizens who are interested in learning an effective system of self- defense.





Daniel Clark helped found the Taijutsu Academy in 1991. The program is designed to be an applicable, working, and realistic knowledge of martial arts skills.  At the Taijutsu Academy, utmost attention is placed on the improvement of martial arts skills, but we equally stress respect and importance of restraint. 

Daniel has trained in martial arts for 32 years, perfecting his craft. His experience includes Hapkido, Togakure Ninjutsu, Robert Bussey’s Warrior International, and Taijutsu.  He has a third-degree black belt in Taijutsu, third-degree black belt in Ninjutsu, and a third-degree black belt in RBWI.  He studied in Japan with Hatsumi Sensei and Nagato Sensei, as well as with Brazil’s Rickson Gracie.  He has developed a comprehensive Take Down and Ground Control system that is taught internationally.


We’re happy to answer any questions about the Taijutsu Academy.