Our Jiu Jitsu program is unmatached: both our teachers and our students are champions.


Jiu Jitsu first began during the Sengoku period of the Muromachi period combining various Japanese martial arts which were used on the battlefield for close combat in situations where weapons were ineffective. In contrast to the neighbouring nations of China and Okinawa whose martial arts were centered around striking techniques, Japanese hand-to-hand combat forms focused heavily upon throwing, immobilizing, joint locks and choking as striking techniques were ineffective towards someone wearing armor on the battlefield. The original forms of Jiu Jitsu such as Takenouchi-ryū also extensively taught parrying and counterattacking long weapons such as swords or spears via a dagger or other small weapon.


Jiu Jitsu, a Japanese word meaning “the gentle art,” is a martial art system that avoids reliance on violence and weapons. Students of Jiu Jitsu learn to defend against bigger, stronger opponents by using balance and leverage to take an opponent to the ground, where expertly applied holds and joint-locks further minimize any strength advantage.


The “Blackfish“, is what the Inuit call the Orca or Killer Whale: it is also the team name for the The Academy’s Jiu Jitsu program. The Blackfish, like our Jiu Jitsu students, is incredibly smart, familial, and can reunite with members of its pod from an entire ocean away.  Our Jiu Jitsu students become the Apex Predators every time they step on the mat. Regardless of body type, size, or fighting style, those who train at The Academy rigorously work to become the apex preditor in mindset.

That’s our promise to the students: we will NEVER lower our standards, or change who we are, to draw more people in or appeal to a wider commercial audience. There are more than enough people who would want to be Blackfish; it’s just on us to find them or them to find us.
Being a Blackfish means Family.
Being a Blackfish means Fraternity.
Being a Blackfish means Fealty.
Being a Blackfish means Never stopping until you’re at the top.

If you’re looking to train with amazing competitors and great people then I highly suggest checking out [The Academy]. These folks are world class and coach John Hanson is a world champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor. If you’re looking to start training Jiu Jitsu or if you’re already an established competitor, give Axios Academy (part of Taijutsu Academy) a try.


Marcus Quevedo, Google Reviews

This place is by far the BEST jiu jitsu academy in Omaha!! World champions are made here!!!


Bret Carter, Google Reviews

Greatest place in Omaha to learn about BJJ. The coaches there have helped me with my grappling as well.


Brandon Hoffart, Google Reviews

Home of Omaha’s only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coach, who is a legitimate World Champion
Aaron Herazo, Google Reviews

The best BJJ in the Omaha area. A close knit team dedicated to helping each other improve. Whether you are a beginner, just looking for a work out, or a professional fighter this is the place for you.
Andrew Bolton, Google Reviews

I trained in Jiu Jitsu at the [The Academy] and had an awsesome experience.  As a professional athlete, I’ve always enjoyed a team atmostphere. I definitely found that here.  The coaches are so knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. I was a beginner to martial arts, and they took time to work with me to improve my skills.  Overall, I had a great experience– and an awesome workout. I would totally recommend!


Christopher Camcam, Google Reviews


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